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GSO Investment Incentives and Government Grant Portal (TEDEPORT) aims to provide investors with information on current grant and incentives.

GSO Investment Incentive and Government Grant Portal (TEDEPORT) was launched in order to enable investors and entrepreneurs to obtain information on current grants and investment incentives from all government institutions in different subjects and sectors. 

Established with the slogan of "Granting on Production, Incentives on Investment" and bringing together the incentives and grants provided by various institutions and organizations in a comprehensive manner, TEDEPORT, is an important platform not only for entrepreneurs in Turkey but also for potential entrepreneurs in the countries of the region.

Implemented within the scope of PEP- Supporting Economic Opportunities Program financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ); the TEDEPORT Incentive and Grant Portal, which has been launched within the scope of the Employment for Permanent Income Project in Gaziantep is carried out in cooperation with the German International Cooperation Agency (GİZ) and GSO.

Stating that as Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, they continue to establish new collaborations and develop new projects with the aim of contributing more to the country's economy, Adnan Ünverdi, Chairman of GSO, said that with the TEDEPORT Incentive and Grant Portal they have implemented, they aim entrepreneurs to access the grants provided easily and direct the companies to the grants. which suit them best.

Noting that the incentives and government grants provided by the public in various ways are of great importance for the survival of the companies that continue their production and commercial activities in today's challenging competitive environment Ünverdi said, “I invite our company managers, all our entrepreneurs, especially women and young people, to benefit from TEDEPORT. By filtering by subject, sector, institution and city, they can quickly and easily access the subjects they need and the most up-to-date information they are interested in. Government grants published by 26 public institutions that provide support for investment and entrepreneurship processes are listed categorically on the portal.

Stating that a special category has been created for export-oriented government grants and incentives at TEDEPORT, Ünverdi said, “In this section, where all the grant items of the ministries for exporting companies are included, users can get information through a categorical list of grants that may vary according to the subject, sector, target country and export product. This module, in which all grant and incentives for export are designed in a very simple and easy to understand manner, is an indispensable guide for our exporting companies. The incentives and grants provided to our business world play a critical role in the economic development of both our city and our country, in terms of their effects in a short time. Grants that increase production, employment and exports also ensure the development of our sectors. I hope that this work, which we believe it will be a guide for investments to be made in our city and region, as well as in our entire country, will be beneficial to our entrepreneurs.”

Current incentives and grants of all government institutions can be accessed via www.tedeport.org.