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GCI Service Building Floor Plan

1st Floor

Deputy Secretary General

Industry Department

  • Capacity Report
  • Expertise Reports
  • Investment Incentive Certificate Transactions
  • Certificate Of Domestic Goods
  • Actual Consumption Certificate
  • Registration For Heavy Equipment Registry
  • Certificate Of Manufacturing Competence

    The Registry Department
  • Chamber Registration Record
  • Activity Certificate
  • Company Partners And Partnership Confirmation Certificate
  • Status Certificate

    Department Of Trade And Foreign Relations
  • Sales And Approval Process Of Export Documents
  • Professional Committees
  • Ur-Ge Project Supporting The Development Of International Competitiveness
  • Export Support Office
  • Invitation Letter Transactions
  • Request For Visa Convenience Certificate
  • Turkish Goods Certificate Sales And Approval

    Department Of Account And Finance
  • Subscription Fee And Other Payments

    Document Record
  • Cargo, Mail And Document Delivery

2nd Floor

Project Planing And Traning Department

  • Mahir Eller Project
  • KAGİDEM(Women Entrepreneur Support Center)
  • Training Halls
  • Turkish Patent İnstitute
  • Intellectual Property Rights Consultancy
  • Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings

    Administrative Department

    Human Resources Department
  • Job Application Procedures

    IT Department

3th Floor

  • Secretary General
  • Press Department
  • SME Development And İndustry Transformation Department

4th Floor

  • Office At The President
  • Board Of Directors Meeting Room

5th Floor

  • Presiding Over The Assembly
  • Assembly Conference Hall