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Strategy, Quality and Accreditation

To carry out the works for the establishment of the Integrated Management System in a way that meets the requirements of the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Law No. 5174, the related Regulations and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard, TOBB Accreditation System Standard, and to inform the Board of Directors about the studies. To ensure the effectiveness and continuity of the implementation of the established management system. To carry out studies on the Accreditation and Quality management system.


  • Carrying out studies for the creation of the main management strategies of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and its affiliate together with the Senior Management, ensuring the implementation of the determined strategies, directing and consolidating short, medium and long-term planning studies.
  • Ensuring and monitoring the progress of strategic planning studies in accordance with the determined schedule.
  • Regular follow-up of the developments that will affect Gaziantepe Chamber of Industry and its affiliate in the medium/long term and sharing them with the relevant departments.
  • Determining and developing the vision, mission, policy, objectives and strategies of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and its affiliate.
  • Supervising and coordinating the studies regarding the evaluation and follow-up of the strategic plans of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and its affiliate.
  • To ensure that the quality documents used are prepared in accordance with the standards in coordination with the relevant units, their use, monitoring and revision when necessary.
  • Coordinating the external audit studies carried out by the certification bodies, ensuring their implementation, carrying out the necessary studies for the effective execution of the process.
  • To regularly report the critical performance criteria (KPI) of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and its affiliate.
  • Planning and executing activities related to the implementation and audits of TOBB Accreditation system requirements.
  • To carry out the annual accreditation self-assessment, to ensure that all units are included in the study, to guide, follow up and upload the primary evidence to the TOBB Accreditation System.
  • To determine the works that can set an example of good practice within the accreditation system in cooperation with all employees and to integrate them into the system.
  • Preparation of the Chamber's annual business plan.

Unit Staff

Melih Demirel
Melih Demirel
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