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Corporate Communications

It coordinates and controls the works related to the Protocol, Committee and Stakeholder Relations, Press Relations and Media Follow-up, Social Media and Digital Communication departments by coordinating the works on corporate identity, press and public relations, reputation management, promotion activities.


  • Carrying out relations with the press and media organs, ensuring the preparation of printed or digital content to be shared when needed.
  • Developing content, editing, design, printing and translation processes, visual, audio, etc. for the promotion of existing and new services for members. Coordinating the preparation of materials.
  • Coordinating the preparation and updating of the design and content of the web pages under the coordination of the relevant units.
  • Coordinating the preparation and publication of periodicals and reports.
  • Carrying out preliminary preparation, implementation and post-organization studies in internal and external organizations, ensuring the necessary coordination with third-party companies.
  • Carrying out the communication with the members in coordination with the registry and member experience departments.
  • Coordinating planning processes such as supplier identification, technical analysis and meeting design and application needs for GSO agenda, calendar and similar promotional activities.
  • Coordinating the switchboard officer and administrative assistant.
  • Coordinates and controls the meeting process of the Board of Directors and the Assembly, which is carried out by the Private Secretary of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Managing the process from welcoming, hosting and sending off guests to senior management.
  • Controlling bulk SMS and emails.

Unit Staff

Pelin Kanalıcı
Pelin Kanalıcı
+90 (342) 221-0900 (230)
+90 (342) 230-1682

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