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Human Resources

It carries out activities related to the provision, employment and development of the necessary human resources in order to increase the quality of the service produced by working on the manpower planning and personnel policy of the chamber.



  • Carrying out recruitment and dismissal activities
  • To determine the needs of the employees regarding their training and development and to plan and organize the necessary training programs.
  • To carry out organizational planning activities.
  • Carrying out performance appraisal, rewarding and discipline studies.
  • To carry out the procedures related to the promotion, departmental change and assignment of employees.
  • To keep track of employees' leave procedures and keep records.
  • To ensure coordination between units and employees.
  • Organizing social activities to increase the motivation of employees.
  • To carry out human resources processes improvement studies.
  • Coordinating consultancy services to be received from external sources.
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Zeynep ÖLÇAL
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