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Antep Kutnu Fabric

Antep kutnu fabric ,it is a type of silk weaving woven only in Gaziantep in Turkey. Its raw material, floss, consists of rayon and cotton thread. Kutnu is woven entirely on hand looms and in different ways. Kutnu fabric is used in local clothes, as well as in various accessories, tourist clothes, bags, slippers, curtain fabrics and national clothes.

The geographical indication application made by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) for Antep Kutnu Fabric, which is produced only in Gaziantep in Turkey and has been woven since the 16th century, was approved by the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE).

The geographical indication registration of Antep Kutnu Fabric by the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE) Trademarks Department was also published in the Official Gazette. The registration document was sent to GSO by the institution.

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