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When we look at the changing economic conditions in the world and the problems experienced by our country in the recent period, we are once again testing how strong our country is with its state tradition, culture, industry and trade.

As the heirs of a thousand-year tradition in the most beautiful geography of the world, it is a fact that there are those who do not want to leave us in our paradise homeland throughout history.

But we are also aware that we have to succeed regardless of the circumstances. Oil, natural gas, but surrounded by seas on three sides, fertile geography of the generous Anatolian land to the far-flung corner; We should be able to evaluate the blessings that Allah has already given us without doing anything, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, maritime, mining and turn it into added value.

It is a fact that we have no choice but to embrace technology in a world where a mountainous country like Japan has broken new ground in technology, and South Korea, which was in a state of extinction until yesterday, grew up with technology, and China is rapidly advancing towards becoming the center of the economy with a closed economy.

We have unfortunately missed previous industrial revolutions, but now we have no choice but to catch up with the high technology so that we can take our place in the developing world and even maintain our position.

Industry experinced a new change which has started with the industrial revolution of 4.0 or 4, robotic technologies are taking more and more place in production processes.

In the first years of the Republic in our country, the works initiated for aircraft and automobile production have always been saved and unfortunately failed.

Today, both the defense industry and the automotive sector, our state is making new initiatives for high technology.

In the defense industry, serious progress has been made in a short time and we are proud of it.

While the works for domestic cars are in progress, entrepreneurs who want to make domestic and national production are encouraged.

Of course, I think it is necessary to spread this to the base, to connect the developing industrial zones of our country with advanced technology and to focus on a model that will integrate the cities together.

In this context, our Model Factory, which will be established by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, will lead the industry 4.0 and digital transformation process of our region.

An area of ​​127 thousand square meters was allocated in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone for the defense industry. Here we plan to create R & D laboratory, heat treatment plant and production areas.

At IDEF 2019 International Defense Industry Fair held in Istanbul, we came together with the leading companies of the sector and held important meetings.

We have taken important steps in the strategic sectors of defense industry and medical sector. We signed the Gaziantep Medical Industry Products and Technologies Program (MESANTEP) Cooperation Protocol between Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, Sanko University and İpekyolu Development Agency for domestic and national production in the medical sector.

In addition, we want to attract high-tech investments in Polateli-Şahinbey OIZ, to provide opportunities for large-scale entrepreneurs and to enable international investors to invest in this region.

In short, we are preparing to write a new success story for Gaziantep, the locomotive city of our country, the center of industry and trade.

Adnan Ünverdi

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry

Chairman of the Board

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