Sosyal medya hesaplarınızla hızlı giriş yapabilirsiniz.


We have created our social media accounts (Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Social Media Accounts) in order to communicate the latest developments with the activities, meetings, events of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and its affiliates and to be in mutual communication with the followers.

Our aim is to have a two-way nurturing communication with our followers, especially our members, and to hear all kinds of feedback one-on-one.

Posts, comments and messages shared in Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Social Media Accounts and all channels we are involved in must comply with the following rules:

  • Cursing, insulting, excluding any ethnic group, humiliating language should be avoided.
  • Respect rules should not be violated, and defamatory comments that may harm other people and institutions should not be made. A style that includes threats and personal attacks should not be used.
  • SPAM comments that are independent of the shared content and that repeat the same things over and over again should be avoided.
  • Regardless of the content shared, comments containing the advertisement of another person and/or institution should not be made.
  • Tongues that insult and attack the common values ​​of nations should not be used.
  • • Political propaganda and fanatical tones and comments that defend any political view should not be shared.
  • • It should not contain personal data sharing in violation of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry reserves the right not to allow incoming comments, messages and posts and to ban/block the user who publishes it, if at least one of these rules is not followed.

Comments that do not comply with the above rules will be hidden or deleted, and if the follower continues the same behavior, they will be dismissed from the managed page.