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Our chamber is in line with its basic values, vision and mission with its human-oriented understanding;

It aims to create an employee profile that has the necessary professional competence, is an expert in the field, has high organizational commitment, is motivated, innovative, open to development and creates added value.

While realizing these purposes;

  • To employ the quality and number of manpower required by the services,
  • Placing the right person in the right job at the right time,
  • To give priority to the employees of our chamber, if there are talents suitable for the criteria sought for vacant positions,
  • To act fairly and equally in the rights provided to employees,
  • To create a transparent and reliable communication environment,
  • To apply an objective and fair wage distribution,
  • To provide a healthy, safe and professional working environment within the scope of occupational health and safety rules,
  • To support the training and development of our employees by identifying their personal and vocational training needs,
  • To protect the personal rights of our employees,
  • To provide equal opportunity in career planning,
  • To create an effective and efficient organizational structure,
  • To act equally and respectfully, away from all kinds of discrimination such as religion, language, race, gender.

It has been determined as the basic principles of our Human Resources Policy.