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KAGIDEM Women Entrepreneur Support Center

KAGIDEM Women Entrepreneur Support Center; Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) and Silk Road Development Agency (İKA) was established in partnership with entrepreneurial women.

According to the cooperation protocol signed for the establishment of Women Entrepreneur Support Center (KAGIDEM), 2 thousand 700 square meters area was allocated to Gaziantep Chamber of Industry for the construction of Women Entrepreneur Support Center in Atakent Neighborhood. 5 million 500 thousand TL budget center, 75 percent of the financing of the Silk Road Development Agency welcomed.

In the center, women with entrepreneurial potential will benefit from training and consultancy services. There are 28 workshops, exhibition halls, nurseries, sleeping rooms, sales offices and meeting rooms in the center where 500 women entrepreneur candidates will receive training and 100 women entrepreneurs will establish businesses.

İbrahim Çalı
İbrahim Çalı
Assistant Secretary General
+90 (342) 503-0110 (-)
+90 (342) 503-0044

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