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Technical Consulting Services


  • Carrying out studies that create value and contribute to the member companies of the Chamber and all the stakeholders with whom the Chamber is in contact, and that will eliminate or reduce the impact of issues that may pose a problem for this target audience, through projects as a whole of planned activities.
  • To perform training and coaching duties that will enable the team to provide high quality engineering services in their fields of expertise, at national and international standards.
  • To follow and analyze the technological process innovations in the world, to develop technical knowledge, to share and apply it with Gaziantep Industry.
  • To provide support to Gaziantep Industry in the training and development needs required by international standards.
  • Providing access to the latest technologies through direct company contacts, participation in trade fairs, and literature monitoring.
  • To ensure the development and application of technical knowledge by following and analyzing these technological process innovations in the world.
  • To contribute to the creation of production alternatives and development projects in order to ensure the application of technological innovations in Gaziantep Industry.
  • To lead initiatives that support the optimization of operations in the manufacturing sector of Gaziantep Industry and thus reducing operating costs.
  • To support the establishment of feasibility studies and to develop alternative technological solution proposals in the investment and development decision analysis of the Gaziante Chamber of Industry and its members.
  • To direct the Gaziantep industry to the production of high value-added and technological products. (Defense, medical, etc.)
  • To carry out the projects of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry in the field of engineering services.
  • Working in cooperation with project managers in all projects and supporting project management.
  • To follow the execution of all projects in the field of interest.
  • To provide the necessary training, coaching and necessary information resources in the field and to keep the teams at a sufficient level of knowledge for the projects.
  • To take an active role in the cooperation between the university and the industry on technical issues and the initiation and monitoring of projects.
  • To support GASBEM A.Ş. in identifying and developing new professions.
  • Examining the reports of the audit activities carried out for the department and implementing the necessary corrective - preventive actions.
  • Preparation of the department's activity plan and budget.
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Veysel Çelebi
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