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Project Planing and Traning Departmant


  • Improving the quality of the chamber by carrying out studies to establish and maintain the total quality system in the chamber.
  • In order to improve the service quality in the chamber, making surveys such as service satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction survey, personnel performance assessment.
  • Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Vocational Training Center
  • Entering TSE’s Quality Surveillance Audits every year and Quality Certificate Renewal Audits every 3 years
  • Establish and maintain the TOBB Accreditation system in the chamber and carry out studies on Accreditation Self-assessment every year
  • Preparation and completion of the accreditation audits conducted by TOBB every 3 years
  • Establishing and maintaining the İSG system in the chamber
  • Preparation of Chamber Strategic Plan every four years
  • Determining, evaluating, organizing and coordinating the training requests to be made by the members and in-service training of the personnel working in the chamber in order to meet the consultancy and information needs of the members of the chamber.
  • Carry out activities for the evaluation of project proposals and calls by organizations such as KOSGEB, SODES, İŞKUR,SilkRoad Development Agency, the EU, UNDP, embassies, EUROCHAMBERS and ministries for the benefit of Chamber and members
  • Preparation of the projects in accordance with the rules of the call for grant, submission to the financial providers, execution and completion of the projects within the framework of the rules if the submitted project is accepted, preparation of technical and financial reports and submission to the financial provider
  • Monitoring domestic and international developments related to Intellectual Property Rights, transferring them to members, providing consultancy.
  • Preparing statistical reports for the improvement of the industry and for the determination of the chamber service policy

Entrepreneurship Trainings

  • Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings can be organized by our chamber in order to spread the entrepreneurial culture and increase the success levels of the enterprises that entrepreneurs will establish based on a business plan.
  • Within the framework of Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings / Entrepreneurship Programs organized by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry in certain periods and approved by KOSGEB, it provides support, dissemination and establishment of successful enterprises which are the main factor in the solution of economic development and employment problems.

In this context, participants are not charged for the Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings organized in certain periods.

  • Entrepreneurs participating in the Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings in Gaziantep Chamber of Industry are receiving a Certificate of Participation and they are entitled to apply for KOSGEB New Entrepreneur Support.

Unit Staff

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Kübra Kayın

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