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Press Relations and Media Monitoring

In order to increase the awareness of the chamber and strengthen its corporate image, it announces the activities of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry to the public through the local and national press.


  • To monitor the publications that may be of interest to GSO and its affiliates, to carry out studies to include information about the Institution in these publications.
  • Organizing the press conferences to be held and preparing press releases and bulletins to be sent to the members of the press.
  • To announce to the public in the form of a bulletin by taking photos and cameras at the events and organizations of the room.
  • To carry out relations with the media and to prepare documents to be shared when needed.
  • To carry out studies on the preparation of documentary-promotional films about the chamber and its affiliates.
  • To prepare the content of the periodic publications of the Chamber, to carry out the printing and distribution processes.
  • Analyzing and reporting the reflections of the press releases by archiving.
  • To carry out the necessary studies for the publication of the advertisements required by the institution in the press and media organs.
  • To develop and approve the media plans and policies of the institution.
  • To follow up the subscriptions of the institution to periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, to ensure that the publication requests from the units are met, to give opinions on the necessary purchasing processes.
  • To ensure the necessary communication and coordination with visual and written media organizations.
  • To create printed and visual materials, to carry out statistical studies, to plan related activities.
Hanifi Özer
Hanifi Özer
+90 (342) 221-0900 (333)
+90 (342) 230-1682
İrfan Ağar
İrfan Ağar
Assistant Specialist
+90 (342) 221-0900 (336)
+90 (342) 230-1682