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Ünaldı Şehreküstü Region

This is one of the first settlement regions for industries in Gaziantep, and about 700 small and medium sized firms can be found here. The majority of the firms are factories for lentil processing, plastics and carpets.

SEAP is an integrated Regional Development Project which encompasses industry agriculture, road construction, education, health and other similar sectors, and which will help tremendously to improve the socio-economic structure of the region. It is the biggest large-scale project ever carried out by the Central Government in a regional sphere.
Because its industrial and economic structure surpasses that of other towns in the SEAP area, Gaziantep is very closely involved with this project and through the SEAP irrigation network project, some areas of Gaziantep will be irrigated. As a consequence, yields will rise, product diversity for domestic and export markets will be enhanced, and product fertility will be increased by development in product design and rotation. With SEAP in Gaziantep animal husbandry has improved, fish breeding has already started in areas with sufficient water, and the transportation of passengers and cargo has expanded. As a parallel to this increase, new highways have been built; a!I of these things have served to make the city more attractive and resulted in an increase in the population.
All of these developments throughout the SEAP project will be a source of employment, bringing a solution to unemployment and migration problems in the city. Thanks to the infrastructure which is already in place, its location at an important junction and its economic and industrial structure, Gaziantep, along with those provinces under its influence, will be able to offer a wide range of products to domestic and foreign markets by taking advantage of the region’s raw materials and agricultural resources.
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