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Organized Industrial Zone

The Organized Industrial Zone is a system that offers easier and more competitive production for medium and small size operations that cooperatively manufacture products, by utilizing common substructure facilities on a well planned site. Currently, Gaziantep has three organized industrial zones covering 12 million sqm. The first Organized Industrial Zone was established on a 210 hectare land, with 138 active firms. In general, such firms are medium sized and active in sectors such as textile, machinery metal, chemicals, plastics and food.  There are 20,000 employees working in the First Organized Industrial Zone and a monthly average of 20 million Kw/h power and 10O.OOOm tons of city water is consumed.

The second Organized Industrial Zone has been established on a 450 hectare land and spaces have been allocated for 277 industries. Although its substructure has not been completed yet, 150 large scale firms have started acting, and currently 100 firms are at the construction stage in this zone. The main industries found here include textiles, chemicals, plastics and food.  There are 20.000 employees, and a monthly average of 25 million kW/h power and 100.000 m tons of city water is consumed.
The third Organized Industrial Zone has been planned on 540 hectares of land. More than 900 industries have requested for allocation of a lot to act in this zone, but only 297 lots were available. Currently 100 firms have already started acting in textile, food, building materials and synthetic weaving sectors.  In addition to this, a fourth Organized Industrial Zone is at the stage of establishment to satisfy the demands of the remaining industries in Gaziantep.
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